The I. F.N.F.W.C.: Bleak Midwinter

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The Friday Night Foyle’s War Club:

Club notes: Tonight all the Actual Members of the Friday Night Foyle’s War Club will be watching together again except for Lady Egality (Club Treasurer) who is visiting the Badminton Horse Trials today and tomorrow.     Club Minutes: Apologies: Lady Egality Attendees: (Virtual): Martha from America, MohairMK, Kitchentease, C. Nelson, Digby D, ayresorchids and Miss Peppermint.  (Actual): The Graf von Blommehön (Chairman), Lady Liberty (Club Secretary) Lady Sebright and Colonel Pyncheon Venue:  Castle Coop and various international locations. Announcements: 1. The Committee are particularly looking forward to tonight’s episode –see below 2. Tonight we shall be drinking Coffee for a change – Fazenda Lagoa from Brazil – Coarse Grind, and described thus:

Fazenda Lagoa, Farm by the Lake, is as wonderfully flavorful as it is smooth and mild. Buttery and mellow with hints of peanut butter and cocoa that balance a light and sweet berry tone which rounds out the finish. This is a perfect choice for those looking for a full-bodied coffee without undue acidity.

I’ll let you know how many points out of ten we give it. We shall be eating Chocolate Chip Cookies because coffee and chocolate are such a scrummy combination. And I can cook them thanks to my dear sister-in-law, who years ago, took me in hand and gave me ‘The Silver Palate Cookbook‘ by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins. The splats on the page are testament to how much Chicks ma, mi and min loved these cookies when they were little!choc.chip cookies.jpg

For anyone who’s feeling hungry, here’s a close-up of a recipe of total deliciousness:

choc. chip recipe.jpg


3. A reminder to all Club Members – virtual and actual: don’t forget to place a Foyle’s War picture in the room where you are attending the meeting. Here is ours for tonight!

we love foyle's war 2.jpg



Bleak Midwinter!

Tonight the International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club is watching (certain bits several times):  Episode 3, Series 4

Bleak Midwinter:


  • December 1942: DCS Foyle investigates the death of Grace Phillips who died in what appears to be an accident in a munitions factory. Grace, who had been living with her boyfriend Harry Osborne, had become very sad of late and had mysteriously mentioned something about thievery to a fellow worker just a week before her death. Sgt. Milner’s estranged wife Jane, whom he’s not seen for over two years, visits him unexpectedly. Jane knew the dead girl and had important information for her husband, but she is killed while on her way to tell him. When evidence points to Sgt. Milner as the perpetrator, Foyle is forced to suspend him. Meanwhile the staff at the police station are overly preoccupied with the evidence gathered in a racketeering case – especially a plump turkey. by garykmcd

This is all very well but tonight, the Actual Members will not be thinking about the plot particularly because just look at this picture below! Any old Church? NO! It’s the one right at the end of this episode (1.31.44) when the ARP Warden wishes DCS Foyle a Happy Christmas. The exact same one ! In real life, the church is All Saints’, Odiham and is less than 3 miles away from Castle Coop!  All saints odiham









Look at this pub! Any old pub? NO!  Recognise The Bell? It’s in Odiham!

the bell









And did you spot a sinister looking passage at 36.15? Where Mrs. Milner gets clonked on the head? I walk down there almost every day! I’m glad to report that actually it’s not creepy at all

2014-05-15 16.17.12

but if I feel daily life needs perking up a bit, I can always pretend that I’m Sam Stewart looking for clues to clear Sergeant Milner’s name, rather than just plain old Liberty Hen nipping along to Odiham’s library. How great is that!

A Disgruntled Resident:

A resident writing a grumpy  blog entry  about the downside of living alongside the filming has attached a picture of a signed photo of DCS Foyle which she was given as an olive branch. It made me laugh!


Yours, busy pressing the pause button to spot more bits our stamping ground,

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