Eurostar Paris to London!

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I’ve just heard…My Eurostar Paris to London return ticket has been booked!

How exciting is that! I absolutely love travelling on Eurostar. Incredibly, it doesn’t feel at all as if there’s an enormous bit sea on your head and you’re whisked under the Channel in no time whatsoever.


This morning, I received this email from kind Graham at the Royal British Legion re the Pedal to Paris bike ride.


Hi Liberty,


We’ve only seen the sun occasionally this year but I hope that hasn’t hindered your training. (Ha ha Graham, what a good joke!)


Trains back from Paris

As Eurostar have now opened their bookings for September I can confirm our train times as 10.13 & 17.13 for the return trip on the 8th. Your ticket is booked for the 17.13 train, if this isn’t the train you meant to book let me know in the next week and we should be able to change this for you.


Best wishes,



NO.. please don’t change anything! I’m thrilled to bits with everything just how it is and definitely want as much time in Paris as possible.

I’m beginning to think my Poppy Bike ride from London to Paris might actually happen; Graham obviously really thinks I’m going to end up in Paris and will need a train-ride back home!

Yours excitedly,

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  1. I cannot even fathom doing something like this! The biking part of it, that is, the ride on the Eurostar would be right up my alley 😉

    • Given how easily I’ve just been overtaken on a ride just now by 2 itsy bitsy young things, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do it either!

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