The Castle Coop Barbecue Smoke-Off!

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The Castle Coop Barbecue Smoke-Off!

On Saturday, Castle Coop will be a hive of activity.  All the villagers were asked weeks ago by Sir Plym to save the date for the Autumn Clear- Up and Barbecue


Lord and Lady Eftie Nudge were to have waved the flag to start the Clear-Up officially at 10.30am but unfortunately they have taken the Bentley on a vintage car rally in Bavaria and so won’t be able to attend.


Ld & Lady Nudge in Bavaria

Everyone else has promised to bring their rakes, strimmers and wheelbarrows; by Saturday lunchtime all the old summer growth which is making the village look so messy, will be cut back and tidied and the churchyard, the verges and the hedgerows should be in immaculate order ready for the winter… Hurrah!

2014-10-23 10.28.11


No-one is really thinking about the Clear-Up however because immediately after it, inspired by the Great British Bake-Off , we’re going to hold our own exciting cooking contest: The Castle Coop Barbecue Smoke-Off ! 

Although we won’t have  Mary Berry to preside over it or the G.B.B.O’s sumptuous marquee, we will have contestants and a prize!

The Blue and the Red Corners:

Sir Burford Brown & Sir Plym will be barbecuing in the Blue (Gas) corner and the Chairman of the Village Hall & the Agent will be barbecuing in the Red (Charcoal) corner.

Ever since an Ox and Moose Friday night session back in September when Sir Burford Brown (who only moved into Castle Coop during the summer) dared to lecture the Agent and the Chairman of the Village Hall about the superior qualities of a quick, clean, gas barbecue over its ‘messy & slow’ – what??? charcoal counterpart,  there have been two rival camps in Castle Coop. Both the pro-gas and the pro-charcoal factions have been tireless in their campaigns to canvass support for their cause.

The C.C.B.S.O. Trophy:

Everyone involved in the Autumn Clear-Up will be asked to test out sausages and burgers cooked by both the Reds & the Blues in carefully monitored conditions.  A democratic vote will decide which barbecue method we all think produces the most delicious results and Trev the Rev will then present the victors with  a magnificent Castle Coop Barbecue Smoke-Off Trophy.

N.B. Strong views as to gas v. charcoal barbecues expressed by the readership of TAH will be read out by Trev the Rev on Saturday.


 The magnificent trophy which Lady Egality has just bought online:

Smoke Off trophy













Yours getting ready for an epic smoke- off,

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  1. I’m hoping for a Blue corner victory since the smoke odour from the Agent’s charcoal bbq will badly infiltrate my feathers.

    • The Agent’s rushing round like a mad thing doing last minute campaigning. I’ll tell him he needs to convert you!

  2. I trust this will be done as a proper blind contest in which those voting only find out after the fact which source the goodies came from! I look forward to a full description worthy of the Lovely Blog Award (which is magnificently well deserved) when the winners have been established. (Although unless the Agent is in some fashion handicapped – ie forced to grill with one hand behind his back while also playing Botticelli – it is hardly an even competition. Still I am sure he will go easy on the opposition.)

    • Dear Digby, I keep urging the Agent to read Mr. A. Trollope who takes great pains to point out that poor Sir Roger Scatcherd lost his parliamentary seat after too much dodgy touting for support. Trev the Rev will be on hand to ensure Queensberry Rules are upheld.

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