August 4th: 1914 – 2014

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August 4th: 1914 – 2014


‘The lamps are going out all over Europe…’

(Sir Edward Grey, Britain’s Foreign Minister, August 4th 1914)

To commemorate the centenary of the Declaration of WW1 August 4th, 1914, tonight the lights were turned off in London. The Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral were all in darkness from 10.00pm. In Westminster Abbey, candles were snuffed out one by one until the only gleam of light came from a burning oil lamp by the Grave of the Unknown Warrior.

Having gathered together around the village flag pole to watch the Union Jack lowered as the Last Post played, villagers here in Castle Coop also switched off all the lights in our homes bar one between 10.00 and 11.00. so that we could join in the nation-wide tribute to those who died.

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Yours, thinking about everything that happened one hundred years ago,

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