A Jolly Good Party!

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We’ve been singing along at a jolly good Party here in Castle Coop!

As it’s ‘Yay for Wednesday Good things’ Day:

here’s a round-up of all the Castle Coop Good things so far.


Item no. 1:  our fab capital city

Item no. 2:  our dark starry sky

Item no. 3: our norman church

Item no. 4: our pirates pilates class

Item no. 5: our mobile library

Item no. 6: our Foyle’s War Club (now International)

Item no. 7:  our village internet connection

Item no. 8: (Today’s item!) Sir Plym and Lady Egality’s fab parties!

A Good Jolly:

It is a truth which should be universally acknowledged that a small country village in possession of villagers who love having ‘a good jolly’ must be in want of villagers who kindly give lots of lovely parties.

Sir Plym and Lady Egality are very good at throwing lovely parties. They regularly make life in Castle Coop extremely convivial. Last Sunday at eighteen hundred hours (as requested by the Guest of Honour, Trev the Rev), the agent & I trotted purposefully along to Château Rock . All the villagers had received an engraved invitation requesting us to join forces to celebrate and officially mark the Revd Rosecomb reaching his silver anniversary of continuous ministry in our parish. Sir Plym charged us to charge our glasses and gave a dignified and graceful speech, the theme of which being Trev the Rev’s absolutely sterling virtues.

Sir Plym referred to:

  • T the R’s record of kindness to us all
  • his thoughtful sermons
  • his monthly letters for the parish mag
  • his highly honed fête-opening skills

Colonel Pyncheon presented T. the R with an engraved silver tankard and the Brownies gave him a hardback edition of the History of the RAF , signed by all villagers. We  then listened to and all applauded a dignified and graceful speech from T the R who at the end, suddenly had a fly in his eye which was sorted by the application of a large handkerchief.

trev. rev.2jpg

The roof of Château Rock was lifted by an energetic if not tuneful version of ‘For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow’ in which everyone joined in.

Good Health!

We toasted our dear Vicar’s health many times and then enjoyed ourselves hugely toasting our own. It was a fab party and definitely a Good thing!

What things make you glad to live where you live? I’m betting ‘weeks of endless rain’ doesn’t appear on anyone’s list.

Yours, having risen like the Phoenix from my sick-bed (although the agent is now coughing and spluttering and I am not particularly popular…)

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  1. Meanwhile looking forward to my Foyle’s War night tonight – Casualties of War. In honour of the occasion I have put on a shirt with cuff-links.

    • I hope you enjoy it thoroughly. I also hope that the cuff-links are elegant ones such as DCS Foyle (& your mother) would approve of. Some cuff-links can look a bit vulgar….

  2. Lady Liberty’s splendid illustrations, which always lift the spirits, spring immediately to mind. (And as for her postcards….)

    • well that’s jolly kind of you! (& I will I promise, get the pcs sorted.)

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