A Cautionary Tale

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A Cautionary Tale


Just in case any of you are thinking of Spring Cleaning in the near future, I thought I should post this cautionary tale so that you may take an informed decision as to whether or not it’s a good idea…


What happens when Martha Stewart cleans her windows:


  1. I have no idea how you managed all of the above without going insane. Don’t you just hate it when one seemingly simple task leads to a never-ending list of domestic drudgery?!

    • Hi Izzie, Thanks for visiting Castle Coop! My Springcleaning / DIY saga gets even worse… I put up a curtain pole last Thursday which by Friday morning had fallen down leaving a large hole in the wall. Now I’ve got to go and get some plaster filler for to mend it and then have another go at the curtain pole hanging. Perhaps it’s all character building!

  2. GOSH, Lady Liberty! I am very impressed that you did all this (in one weekend!?), and I am also reconsidering any sort of household work of my own…Fantastic post! I loved reading it.

    • Dear Kate, Thank you so much for being so nice 🙂 but I’m afraid I don’t deserve your plaudits… it was only mending the curtains that took the weekend. I am STILL painting!

  3. Good to know that the gas tap still turns on. I am sure that the whole effect is very resplendent and how virtuous you must feel after all your labours. Glad to hear that the skirting board has been successfully re-attached.

    • Hello dear Digby D! Hope you are well & yes the gas tap still works & the skirting board is back on (with the addition of rather a lot of wood filler) but I don’t feel virtuous. The whole project is getting out of control. I seem to be creating rather a lot of new diy jobs.

  4. Great writing Lady Liberty – made me laugh like an old hen. That’s why I never attempt the cleaning for fear of all it would reveal…..
    Sir Plym sends love from beside the log fire. xxx

    • Dearest Lady E, an old hen??? We are in the Prime of Life!
      Your house is always IMMACULATE – I don’t think anything would ever fall out of your cupboards. Please send love from the Agent and me back to the both of you!

  5. Love this post!

    • How lovely of you to say – thank you so much. How are you doing? I hope you are very well and having a great weekend!

  6. It’s awesome that all that only took one weekend! It would hav taken me several years.

    • That’s so kind of you to be so supportive but I’m afraid I don’t merit it. Alas, it was only lining the curtains that took a weekend – the rest does seem to be taking me several years and I’m not nearly finished. It’s like painting the Forth Bridge. I shall clarify my text immediately!

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