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#Coronaviruslockdown: a new motto for Castle Coop!

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A New Motto for Castle Coop!

Walking the dog very early this morning, The Agent heard Brown Owl busily raising the flag on the village flagpole. She was completely hidden from view however, by a new and enormous easel propped up outside the Village Hall.

By 7.30am, a round robin email had plopped into all Castle Coop inboxes. It announced that, inspired by the Queen’s ‘We’ll meet again’ TV broadcast, Brown Owl has taken an executive decision & acted upon it.

For the duration of the coronavirus crisis, the flag will fly to bolster our spirits. ‘Do Your Bit & Crack On ‘ is to be Castle Coop’s new village motto.

Yours, cheering on everyone’s efforts to help get the world through this horrible time.

Take good care & crack on…

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Going Green

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I have resolved to tread the path of nutritional virtue. All week I’ve been experimenting with green juice recipes. Should you wish to try a glass, here is a recipe.


A few greenish odds and bobs from the fridge (IMO, adding too much celery just makes one long for a Bloody Mary.)


Put everything into a juicer with a bit of water & whizz.

This works pretty well.

Something is wrong:

During the last couple of days, I’ve noticed the Agent giving me quite a few odd looks. He’s just asked me if I’m feeling bilious. Why would he say such a peculiar thing? Perhaps I should book him an appointment at the optician’s.

Yours, wishing I knew what is wrong…

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The Morning after the Night Before… in 2020 & in 2021. Compare & Contrast…

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2021: What a dismal start to the New Year…

Feeling blue

Alas today I am barely celebrating…

Yours feeling lockdown has given me far too much time to think up my New Year’s Resolutions.

2020: What a cracking start to the New Year…

a late night
Alas, today I am barely functioning…

Yours wondering if your head hurts as badly as mine?

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Power Napping

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The Agent & I decided to spend an industrious New Year’s Eve afternoon catching up on the post Election news and a Christmas book but unfortunately we both fell fast asleep by mistake.

Post Christmas snooze

On the plus side, our post prandial nap might mean we’ll have the energy to dance the night away at the Castle Coop New Year’s Eve bash in the Village Hall …if I can drag The Agent away from the James Bond film on TV…

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very happy New Year’s Eve welcoming in 2020!

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Christmas Stars

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Star gazing at Christmas time

The agent is trying to teach me to recognise the different constellations. He says it’s easy to tell a star from a planet by the amount of twinkle. Every year, when we finally have everything ready for Christmas Day, we both look at the sky and think of the shepherds following their star to Bethlehem.

Star Gazing at Christmas

I like checking to see if there’s an extra twinkly Christmas Star amongst all the others…

Yours, thinking of times long ago in far-away lands,

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas : It’s a Wrap!

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My Christmas spree…

Yesterday I went on a massive Christmas present buying spree and staggered home ruing the times (almost all the time actually) I elected to watch netflix instead of working on my biceps.

Christmas shopping

The Agent’s stocking presents are in the 2 orange bags and Lady Egality’s present is in the green bag with stars in. I hope she likes it…

It’s a wrap!

As it is so cold, the Agent has lit a fire and I’m ensconced right next to it, armed with enough paper & sticky tape to wrap up Windsor Castle. I’m wrapping in secret so the Agent is banned from sitting in his usual chair & has to stay in the kitchen.

Wrapping up stocking presents!

Yours in rather a muddle,

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The Straight and Narrow

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The Straight and Narrow:

Today is Advent Sunday. The Reverend Rosecombe lit the first candle in the advent ring of 4 symbolising Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Every year at this time, he expresses his hope that his congregation will stay on the straight and narrow.

The Straight and Narrow

History suggests this sermon is an example of the perennial triumph of Hope over Experience.

Yours, unfortunately from the bendy and wide,

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Happy Thanksgiving America!

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Happy Thanksgiving America!

Sir Plym has been busy organising a Thanksgiving Supper at the Ox and Moose. 2 weeks ago, this invitation appeared in all of our inboxes

Dear Castle Coopians,

It’s time for our Castle Coop Thanksgiving party!

Thursday 28th November in the Ox & Moose 

6pm until late.

Help us raise money for the Village Hall upkeep while we party!

Tickets £10 in advance, £15 on the door. 

All volunteers for decorating the Ox & Moose and helping serve out, please contact Sir Plym or Lady Egality

Tonight we have been partying!

Supper party at The Ox and Moose in Castle Coop to celebrate Thanksgiving

A toast to the Pilgrim Fathers & the Sweet Land of Liberty!

Yours hoping no-one noticed me eating an awful lot of  brownies,

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What I know

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  1. If Brown Owl tries to organise me, I feel cross. Every time.
  2. The Agent isn’t fond of stew for supper.
  3. Watching an episode of Foyles War helps several of us Castle Coopians cope with Brexit distress.
  4. I feel better when I can touch my toes
  5. The older I get the more I realise how little of anything truly important I seemed to have learnt over the years.
  6. Ballet is such an extraordinary juxtaposition of art and athleticism, I can look at the same clip on youtube and see something new to marvel at every time.
  7. My efforts to improve my self-discipline aren’t often very successful.
  8. I love New Year for the feeling of hopefulness which accompanies it.
  9. Living in Castle Coop produces all sorts of unexpected feelings in me. I often think I long for the hustle and bustle & anonymity of city life but then I remember that being a little cog in a little wheel has a fair number of plus points to mark up in the ‘Castle Coop Life’ Pros column.

Yours thoughtfully,

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Wasps versus Mojitos? No contest!

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Wasps versus Mojitos? No contest!

Of late, I have been distracted from doing all sorts of things that I shouldn’t allow myself to be distracted from doing. The summer sun has gone to my head.

Unfortunately, while I’ve been busy making the most of the blissful recent heat wave…just look at what’s been growing in our flower beds.


In my absence the garden has joyfully let rip.

Today I fully intended to spend a virtuous afternoon mowing, digging, cutting & raking…

Liberty Hen gardening

but then suddenly a vicious wasp flew in out of nowhere and launched an unprovoked attack on my forehead.

Is Discretion the better part of valour?

What would you have done in the circumstances? I made an executive decision to retire gracefully.

Catching rays

making the most of the summer sun with a magazine & a mojito near to hand 

IMO, wasps versus mojitos? No contest!

Yours warmly recommending the combination of sun + deck chair + magazine + mojito,

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