Xtending my Efforts!

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Xtending my Efforts!


Determined not to fall off the Keep Fit & Stretchy straight and narrow, I have been very busy xtending my efforts.


Xtend Barre Workout:

I gather that Xtend barre promotes grace and flexibility and will strengthen and lengthen in an exciting new way! Here is the instructor, Ms. Andrea Rogers, looking very graceful and flexible and also rather strong and long.



I can’t wait to be just like Ms. Rogers! I can’t wait to be strong and long. I can’t wait to have a chiselled body!

ballet xtend barre 2


Here I am in the same pose:

Xtend Barre efforts



Looking this picture (and I’m trying to be objective), it doesn’t seem as though I’ve xtended in quite the same impressive way as Ms. Rogers. I can’t see many signs of much lengthening, strengthening and chiselling going on, let alone grace and flexibility. Actually, I just seem round.

Yours, feeling rather dejected,

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  1. Barre exercises are great, says a former ballerina who hasn’t done them in decades lol I think you look quite amazing and she most certainly doesn’t possess your artistic abilities 😉

    • Dear Former Ballerina,
      You made me really laugh! LLH

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