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Does anyone else find  ‘Xtend Barre‘ workouts jolly hard?  I enjoy them a lot and so wish I could move just like the dancers on the dvd  – they make it look easy!  However, I find it awfully difficult to manoeuvre myself into all the moves at the right speed.

In my quest to avoid the humiliation of conking out on my cycle ride to Paris I have been attempting to perfect the pliés and tendus like mad. They seem straightforward at least. Despite a lack of material evidence and despite my arabesques ending up more like hops than anything more balletic , I am ever hopeful that a firm régime of Xtend Barre mixed up with Jillian Michaels’ ‘Body Revolution’, will be just the thing to nail being fit in time for September.

xtend barre 2.jpg.jpg

Gosh! How did the dvd people know I’ve always wanted a dancer’s body!! I’d absolutely love to discover it. Unfortunately, although I’m quite a few rounds in to my Xtend Barre efforts, my dancer’s body is still mislaid & I remain round.

Easier said than done…

Ms. Rogers regularly exhorts me to remember to be graceful and energetic. Although she is briskly encouraging, I keep catching myself lumbering instead of gliding and thinking about chocolate and a pot of Häagen-Dazs ice-cream which I know that the Agent put in the freezer.

ballet 3.jpg


Nil desperandum…


However, I reckon there could be Cause For Hope. In the Xtend Barre workout dvd, everone wears co-ordinating light blue tops. Maybe if I were to wear a light blue top too, this might make all the difference.  I’d definitely  feel more like one of the gang. It’s a very pretty colour and  perhaps I’d look more graceful straight away? Don’t you think colour coding might work?

If wearing a synchronised blue top proves to be the answer, I’ll only have to worry about becoming flexible, strong, sculpted, chiselled and lean by September. Hurrah!

One step at a time….


Yours in search of a light blue top,

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  1. and bravo that you are taking steps!!! I did ballet for 15 years so in my mind I am still limber and graceful, the reality in the mirror seems to contradict this illusion @@

    • Ah well…only one letter difference between lumber & limber so I’ll keep on trying to change that letter! I loved all the graduation news of your family, Beverly – congratulations!

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