What on earth…?

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What’s all this hen stuff about, then?

Castle Coop is a tiny hamlet sitting in gentle hills of the virtual English countryside. There are a few houses set amidst the fields, a church, a pub, a letter-box and a defunct telephone box which maybe will be a book exchange one day.  The Awesome Hen newsletter sets out to record the round of village flower-shows, club meetings, barbecues, politics, entertainments, high days & holidays, friendships, squabbles and anxieties which mark its annual calendar.
In the UK, life in a very small rural village revolves around all these things & the natural focal points of church, pub and village hall are extremely important. 
Ox and Moose Barbecue in the Rain

I let Lady Liberty Hen loose online so that she could edit her village newsletter & I could have a bit of uncomplicated fun playing with crayons. Now I find that there’s a whole village inside my computer hopping busily about inside my screen!

 The Castle Coop flock of hens are entirely  & insistently their own selves – Brown Owl has probably insisted they have their own Bill of Rights. In the early days of our acquaintance, I made the mistake of thinking I might manage them (LOL)  – they won’t let me have any say in their lives at all. All I’m allowed to do is illustrate what they get up to.
Luckily there is a plus side however. Liberty Hen’s people skills are way superior to my own & being able to hold onto her apron strings via this blog & twitter, means I get to colour in and enjoy a vastly improved social life at the same time. This is a totally fab bonus and well worth letting her sit in the editorial chair for. 
 Liberty Hen in a Racing Car
 Liberty Hen racing ( & yes, she now has points on her license)
So, there you have it if you are ready to get your head around an eccentric blog about life in an English villager with feathers and opinions –  sign up, subscribe, share the love and enter The Awesome Hen world.
You can borrow some of my crayons if you want.
Julia at anniversary party
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Hampshire, UK