A Village Hall Plant Sale

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A Village Hall Plant Sale:


If you were in Castle Coop on Saturday, did you see this summons below to present yourself at the Village Hall?village hall plant sale.jpg




Perhaps you noticed Lady Lohmann-Brown staggering up the  Hall steps with her arms full of plants?




lady lohmann Brown.jpg


She’s been killing herself all year growing seedlings on in her greenhouse so as to be ready for this plant sale.

village hall plant sale 3.jpg

It was a tour de force! Flowering plants on the left-hand side and herbs and vegetables on the right:


The Triumph of Hope over Experience:

The Agent bought a little tray of lettuces lettuces for the agent.jpg2.jpg

and I’ve planted them out in one of the vegetable planters which we gave him for Christmas in the hope that deer and rabbits wouldn’t be able to munch everything up as they usually do.

I painted the planters  in the Spring and here’s hoping they will prove their worth! 2014-05-13 13.29.00




Advice needed please!

What do you find works best? Do you:

a) grow your vegetables from seed and if so, what do you do with all the hundreds of surplus seedlings?

b) swop seedlings with friends or buy the exactly the right amount from a garden centre?

c) buy everything from the supermarket ready grown and not lose a wink of sleep worrying about the deer polishing off the entire summer’s harvest?


Yours with fingers crossed that the planters are the answer,

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