A Vigorous Sermon & a Problem with Scales

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Large byline photo Lady Liberty Hen, News Editor

 TAH 01/16

It’s been another busy week here in Castle Coop…


The Rev. Rosecombe delivered a vigorous & timely address today on ‘Tackling Resolutions with Resolution!” which was well-received by the congregation.  This was Trev the Rev.’s last sermon in St. Mary’s pulpit before a temporary break as he sets off tomorrow for a most well-deserved short vacation. He will be away for a fortnight and we all join in wishing him a happy holiday in Devon where he will be visiting family. For information about Church service times, please contact Brown Owl.


Castle Coop was sorry to hear that Liberty Hen was nearly pole-axed by a nasty shock when she stepped on her bathroom scales:

The Awesome Hen: Edition 01/16. Liberty Hen standing on the bathroom scales

Luckily she rallied enough to stay calm, regroup and  think about the problem logically:

The Awesome Hen: Edition 01/16: the scales are wrong

And then succeed in dealing with it rationally:

The Awesome Hen: Edition 01/16: the bathroom scales which don't work

once and for all.

Castle Coop's Weekly Newsletter: Edition 01/16: wheelie bin


Colonel Pyncheon has been busy trying to decide what to plant in his vegetable patch . He has drawn up some plans on the back of an A4 envelope for Lady Lohmann Brown  to take a look at as she has offered to advise.

vegetable bed ideas


Liberty Hen has reported a Room 101 (01) on the Home Front

Castle Coop's Weekly Newsletter: Edition 01/16: Trying to keep supper under control

When applied to for advice, Lady Egality suggested using a slow cooker instead of trying to cook everything at the last minute: this advice seems eminently sensible and well worth trying & the editorial team is delighted to publish this advice in The Awesome Hen in case it helps any other tentative cooks.


The following email has been sent out  to the Ladies of the Church Cleaning Rota by Brown Owl:

Copy of email about cleaning the Church


Having been struck by the horrid thought that possibly her set of bathroom scales weren’t broken after all, Liberty Hen has embarked on a new reducing regime:

The Awesome Hen: Edition 01/16: Back on the green juice wagon


Lady Egality and Sir Plym, corresponding from overseas in Cape Town, have emailed Liberty Hen to report that the weather is hot in South Africa and they are thoroughly enjoying watching the  Test Cricket Match between England and South Africa. Castle Coop greatly looks forward to welcoming back to the village when they fly in next Wednesday.

Yours on behalf of our crack Editorial Team here at The Awesome Hen,

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  1. Well my dear, funny you should bring that up. Sir Plym and I have a set of scales in our room here in Cape Town AND guess what? They weigh in kilograms. Well how ridiculous is that? I have no idea what they’re telling me – good news or bad – so, my dear, may I suggest you replace your very stupid scales with some that weigh in KILOGRAMS, then you can be happy all day long as you will have no idea what they’re talking about. Much love from the veldt, Lady Egality

    • My dearest Lady E, what an inspired solution to the whole problem. I shall rush out first thing tomorrow and get some that measure in kg. Working on the same principle, I might ask the bank to send me my statements in euros. You are absolutely brilliant! Come back soon – Can’t wait!xx

  2. Frankly my dear I think Brown Owl is being rather pushy about cleaning the church. Does she actually help herself or just give out the orders and stand there tapping her foot? Just between you and me of course.

  3. I’d been rather planning to use that time to go & inspect the new John Lewis in Basingstoke & then suddenly I found myself holding a tin of Brasso. It’s my own fault – I should have said ‘NO’ firmly and been firm. However, to be fair, Brown O. does get stuck in but she tuts if I bring a radio to play. Aaaggghhh…
    However, I’ve been to the new John Lewis now and it’s fab – shall we have a little tripette together in the near future?

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