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The Awesome Hen?

What’s all this hen stuff about, then?

Castle Coop is a tiny hamlet tucked in amongst the gentle hills of the virtual English countryside. There are a few houses set amidst the fields, a church, a pub, a letter-box and a defunct telephone box which may well be a book exchange one day. Residents, led by local celebrity Lady Eftie Nudge & bossy Brown Owl, are proud of Castle Coop’s USP – it’s the only virtual village of hens to have its own newsletter – aka The Awesome Hen.
The Awesome Hen  sets out to record the round of  flower-shows, club meetings, barbecues, politics, entertainments, high days & holidays which mark the annual calendar in the English village. In Castle Coop, as in very small rural villages throughout the UK, life revolves around all these things & the natural focal points of Church, Pub and Village Hall are extremely important.
The Awesome Hen’s  News Reporter is Lady Liberty Hen. She also publishes her personal take on village friendships & squabbles, global events & the anxiety /suffering caused by having Brown Owl as a very near neighbour.
Ox and Moose Barbecue in the Rain
My name is Julia; I am just a resident tourist in Castle Coop with blogging privileges.
In the early days of this blog and of my acquaintance with the Castle Coop villagers – Liberty Hen, The Agent, Lady Egality Maran, her husband Sir Plym, Lord & Lady Eftie Nudge, Brown Owl, The Graf, The Chairman of the Village Hall et al – I made the mistake of thinking I might manage them. LOL … as if they would let me have any say in their lives…The Castle Coop flock of virtual villagers are entirely  & insistently their own selves – I’m quite sure Brown Owl has drawn up a version of the Bill of Rights for them & pinned a laminated copy onto the Village Hall notice board.
A few years of blogging has made me wiser & more realistic –  I’ve stopped trying to arrange, order & edit. Now I’m happy simply to be allowed to draw little pictures of what Liberty Hen & The Awesome Hen’s editorial team say they get up to.
There has been an unexpected & wholly delightful bonus for me which has developed from illustrating The Awesome Hen. Liberty Hen’s people skills are way superior to my own; being able to hold onto her apron strings via this blog & her twitter account, means I get both to colour in and enjoy a vastly improved international online social life at the same time. This is a wholly joyous outcome 🙂 & is well worth letting her sit in the editorial chair for. If you ever feel like leaving a comment to say Hi, please do… you will make my day!
 Liberty Hen News Reporter of The Awesome Hen in a Racing Car
 Liberty Hen racing ( & yes, she has points on her licence)
So, there you have it The Awesome Hen is a blog about everyday life in an English virtual village…
Why not make some tea &  catch up on a few back editions
Julia at anniversary party
Julia sig
Hampshire, UK