Stop the World: I want to get off!

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reaction to 2016 presidential-elections



Yours knowing this time, smelling salts won’t be enough…

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  1. Deeply worrying, Sloe Gin required at the east end of Castle Coop too please.

    • Colonel Pyncheon’s round at Trev the Rev’s at the minute. He had to spend ages reviving Brown Owl who’s busy writing a firm letter to the Girl Guide Area Co-ordinator saying the Guiding Association must replace the ‘Brownie Footpath and Highway Badges with a ‘Campaign Trail’ Badge to make Guiding relevant for the twenty-first Century. I’ll ring T the R now and ask him to get Col. P to drop some gin off for you asap 🙂

  2. Thank goodness for sloe gin, solves all problems xx

    • Yes indeed – shall I send you some virtual glasses too? 🙂

    • Yes please! Chin, chin

    • Large glasses of sloe gin on their way via the ethernet – Chin chin!

  3. OMG, quick, do we need to get an ambulance? Is there a friendly neighbour that can go round to help?

    • Thank you -luckily Colonel Pyncheon is on the case and has brought round a strong (very) sloe gin. Restorative and delicious.xx

  4. Me too. Utterly depressing on every level.

    • Sending you some large virtual glasses of Col. Pyncheon’s sloe gin. xx

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