Stars in a Winter Sky

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The stars in tonight’s clear winter sky are so beautiful, they make me catch my breath…

Stargazing in the winter sky



Yours dreamily,

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  1. Living close to Manchester – we tend not to see the stars at their best but I once stood outside in Crovie (Scotland) and stared at the night sky for ages as there were so many and they were so bright – magical sight!

    • They are magical – that’s exactly the right word! We’re so lucky in Castle Coop as the authorities haven’t yet insisted on street lighting for Health & safety so we can see the night skies all year round.:)
      When are you off to the Bahamas?

    • I’m there now – floating on my lilo with a drink of fizz with a brolly in it. OK I am sat at home writing my last post as Shambles. Can’t get my header done until Feb so I am getting some posts done for new blog in advance. Might get my spring cleaning done during the lull…not that I blog everyday anyway. More of a public bus blogger, as in, nothing for ages then three come at once ha ha

    • If I run and mend the punctures in my lilo (dating from rather a long time ago) may I please join you in the fizz fest? I shall raise my glass to bus bloggers & your wonderful Shambles site which I’ve loved; it’s made me laugh so many times and I’d like to thank you very much for it. Don’t forget I want to sign up for the new blog asap – can’t wait. Getting a proper header sounds so impressive! Best of luck with it all:)

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