Perfect Happiness!


In the nick of time, my faithful correspondent, Digby D, has very kindly saved me from my post-holiday-blues, by alerting me to Vanity Fair’s May ’15 Proust Questionnaire.


Back of the Net:

Please see in the screen shot below,  Ms. Bergen’s answer to Question no. 1. which I think scores a perfect 10.  I am pretty sure the entire International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club would agree with the general sentiment.

perfect happiness
























Yours, absolutely delighted to find that Ms. Bergen is a kindred spirit,

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Henmanship rating: Watching Foyle’s War in bed: 8



  1. Perfect happiness indeed… it’s such a shame they’re not making any new episodes :o(

    • So glad you’re a kindred spirit too Izzie! Such a fantastic series and great cast!

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