Only a Qualified Success

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When I accepted a commission from The Awesome Hen to write an unbiased review of my  new vacuum cleaner, I expected to be pressing the 5 star button right away.This little machine certainly looks the part. It is black picked out with little orange contrasting parts. I can’t fault its cleaning performance either. However, with regret, I must describe my first trial session with it as being only a qualified success.

So … where’s the down side?  Well,  IMO – reached after a thorough testing, this vacuum cleaner should carry a ‘social ostracism – high risk’ warning tag.


Initially, I decided to conduct a simple performance check by hoovering up some dust & rating the results :


In a trice, there was a beautiful stripe on the floor which I followed up by making several more. It was almost as satisfying as mowing & I am delighted to report that the vacuum’s dust-busting capability is very high.

Growing more ambitious, I then tackled  some crumbs on the table but unfortunately failed to take into account that the Agent’s newspaper was also there. The vacuum’s suction capability is really remarkable.

vacuuming the Sunday Papers

Next, I scored a partial success by cleaning weeks & weeks’ worth of mud from the dog.

vacuuming the dog

She had been sleeping soundly but woke up suddenly in a bad mood, wholly unimpressed by the vacuum’s efficient promotion of health & hygiene within the home .


An experiment with the Agent’s suit failed when he walked off, also in a bad mood, before he was quite dusted

vacuuming the Agent

and I subsequently had a misunderstanding with the cat.

vacuuming the cat

It took me simply ages to persuade her to come down from the top of the door and now I’ve just seen that some of the paint-work has bad claw scratches in it.

Weighing up the one pro of the new vacuum cleaner (a cleaner house) against the severe cons (neither the Agent, the dog nor the cat are fond of me at the moment & I have to re-paint the door), I’ve decided to give it a curate’s egg rating for The Awesome Hen’s product column.


Yours having quietly put the vacuum at the far back of the cupboard,

LLH signature

Disclaimer: unfortunately, no disclaimer is necessary as Liberty Hen, despite asking for loads of dosh, will receive no financial remuneration from either the vacuum cleaner company or The Awesome Hen for writing this review.


  1. There’s nothing as exciting as testing out the suction on a new hoover. No, I don’t get out much lol. Most entertaining post, Lady Lib-Hen. 🙂

    • That’s 2 coincidences – I don’t get out much either & I totally agree about how exciting trying out new hoovers can be. We need to rule the world together.

  2. Hmmm, sounds rather like my vacuum cleaner my dear which is also firmly at the back of the cupboard having traumatised the dog with its high speed, high volume, high suction habit.
    A little vingt et un this week?
    Do hope the boiler us up and running.
    Much love xx

    • I’ve decided cleaning should be approached with caution. Vingt et un (or canasta?) would be fab and YES – we’re warm! Can’t believe it! I’m not wearing my ski wear anymore! xxxxx

  3. Love from Pret a Manger in Aldgate, City of London xx

    • Why aren’t I with you? We could be doing the Pepys ‘ tour! Have a lovely, lovely time. 🙂

  4. I especially love the dog! All of it made me smile, thank you xx

    • Oh I’m so glad! The dog didn’t like being the dog at the time…but now she’s forgotten and so all is peace & harmony. The cat has a longer memory.Not sure about the Agent. Do hope all is well with you & yours xxx

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