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Not in Castle Coop's Back Yard! : : The Awesome Hen

Not in Castle Coop’s Back Yard!

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Not in Castle Coop’s Back Yard!






This morning, just when I was in the middle of rescuing a pillowcase while busy sorting the laundry, the door bell rang.


inside the duvet cover

I was hoping it would be dear Lady Egality coming round for a cup of coffee. The Agent and I have been bemoaning the loss of our raspberry canes which have given up the ghost and she very kindly said she had some spares. Having struggled out of the inside of a duvet cover to open the door, I found it wasn’t Lady E after all; it was Brown Owl. She immediately  informed me I looked exactly like a birch broom having a fit backwards.

7,000 proposed new homes – help!

Brown Owl is spearheading Castle Coop’s campaign to oppose a threat posed by the District Council. The D.C. is currently basing its Local Plan on the assumption that over 7,000 new homes will need to be built in the area. We are all horrified. 

  • The schools are full to capacity.
  • The surgeries are full.
  • The hospital is already too busy.
  • The High Street has no room for extra shops and parking.
  • The commuter trains are jam-packed.

None of us can imagine how all the families who are to live in the 7,000 new homes can possibly be absorbed; with the best will in the world, there isn’t enough room!


Both the Agent & I will rally to the cause immediately.

canvassing support against planning proposals

Brown Owl gave me a strongly worded pamphlet called The Not In Castle Coop’s Back Yard Campaign which we are all very impressed by.

Yours extremely glad that Castle Coop has a resident force to be reckoned with  –  although I could do without personal remarks about birch brooms

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  1. My dear, hurrah for Brown Owl, we may be glad of her bossiness yet. Would you have time for a little vingt et un tomorrow evening? I gather Digby D is visiting so if the timing is bad we can save it for another time.
    I had a lovely telephone call with Lady Liberty Senior. So sweet of her to call. Much love dearest LL.

    • Yes indeed, hurrah for Brown Owl. Doesn’t it all sound horrendous?
      Thank you so so much for the raspberry canes – you are such a generous total star.:) Vingt et un sounds fab – may I call you about timimg? Much love back xxxx

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