New Year Parties, a Wardrobe Problem and Unruly Decorations

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Large byline photo Lady Liberty Hen, News Editor

 TAH 00/15-16

It has been another busy week here in Castle Coop…


Trev-the-Rev headshot

Rev. T Rosecombe sig

Despite being worn out after all the services he has given to celebrate Christmas, Trev the Rev most hospitably invited all the congregation to attend an ‘Open House’ party to celebrate the year’s end.. His parishioners in Castle Coop were absolutely delighted to attend and  a marvellous time was had by all.

Trev the Rev's Christmas Party

Castle Coop parishioners enjoying themselves at Trev the Rev’s impromptu ‘Open House’ party.


Liberty Hen was annoyed to report that she’s been having problems with her wardrobe.

post Christmas reality check 1

Apparently she initially tried taking a determined approach to the problem …

post Christmas trouser trauma

but was finally forced to accept defeat … & to reach for the Post-Christmas Horrors:

The dreaded trousers with the elasticated waist

The dreaded Trousers With The Elasticated Waistband.


Lady Egality, editor portrait

lady E's sig2.png

Sir Plym -Sporting correspondent

Sir Plymouth Rock Signature

Postcards landed on the doormats of several houses in Castle Coop sent by Lady Egality and Sir Plym, corresponding from overseas in Kenya. Kindly remembering  their many friends and neighbours in Castle Coop, they report that the weather is beautifully hot in Kenya and they are greatly enjoying life on the beach.


Brown Owl, having led the Brownies on a Litter-Clearance expedition after lunch, has sent off for several Brownie ‘Good Citizen’ badges which she plans to award in early 2016.


 New Year’s Eve

The Village Hall Committee hosted a Party to welcome in the New Year:

New Year's Eve Party

New Year's Eve Party

& speaking on behalf of the Village Hall Committee, Sir Burford Brown was delighted to confirm that the evening was a great success. After a delicious fish pie cooked by Lady Sebright and Lady Lohmann Brown, Auld Lang Syne was sung with great gusto as was a version of ‘500 miles’ by The Proclaimers. Several villagers danced until the small hours.


New Year’s Day:

Castle Coopians unanimously agreed to keep a low profile on the morning of New Year’s Day. It is suspected that the energetic and joyful celebrations on New Year’s Eve, were responsible for the deserted street scene.

A sore head in the morning after the night before

After spending a quiet morning, many villagers elected to spend a quiet afternoon which they followed up by an early night.

Watching The Sound of Music lying on the sofa

The Editorial Team at The Awesome Hen would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!


The Awesome Hen was sorry to hear that Liberty Hen needed several cups of calming tea after a misadventure which occurred when she decided to take down the Christmas decorations which she and The Agent had been enjoying during the festive season:

Taking down the Christmas Decorations 1

christmas hall2christmas hall2

Apparently, Lady Liberty was so pleased that she’d actually managed to steel herself to do the dreaded deed…

Taking down the Christmas Decorations

she made a fundamental error,

oh no!

by failing to realise that she’d need a periscope.


until it was too late.

Calling the AA

Next time Liberty Hen will rope herself to the door.

Yours on behalf of our crack Editorial Team here at The Awesome Hen,

LLH signature



  1. My dear, I too need a calming cup of tea. I’ve just discovered that there is a showing of The Sound of Music at the Kirstenbosch gardens in Cape Town on Wednesday evening – just metres from where we are staying. Que faire? The film begins at 5.00 but the cricket doesn’t end until 6.00.
    Yours not knowing what to do,
    Your friend, Lady E.

    • Dearest Lady E, I can’t see quite where the problem lies… surely if TSOM starts at 5.00, Christopher Plummer, Julie Andrews et al will be safely in Switzerland in perfect time for you to be ready for drinks and supper? Oh.. you mean maybe you should watch the cricket instead….what?????

  2. Lady Lib-Hen, one must always plan the dismantling of the Christmas tree to avoid finding oneself neck deep in balls! Though I quite like the idea of wrapping the entire thing in cling film and shoving it straight up in the loft. Maybe next year? 😉

    • Cling film sounds good. Or next year I could simply decorate the loft & move up there for the entire festive season – what do you think – patentable idea?

    • Bit drafty in lofts this time of year. However, if one is suffering with hormonal malfunction (aka menopause) then an arctic blast through the rafters has it’s plus points. 😉

    • Dear Mummy Shambles, you raise 2 excellent points but bearing in mind the latter one, I’ll try the Patent Office immediately.

  3. Get someone to take them down. Delegate, Awesome One

    • Not quite sure if I could muster any volunteers!

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