Liberty Hen opens a shop!

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Liberty Hen opens a shop!

It’s true! I am now officially a shopkeeper!

The Agent & I have opened a little shop in Castle Coop!


Shop Logo Header F


Instead of watching the tennis, we have been very busy clearing out the spiders from the corners & mopping up rain from the floor. Paint-colours have been chosen and the shelves filled up with cards made with pencil shavings by Ruth Jackson to buy. I like them so much – how I wish I’d made them myself!

Mopping the new shop's floor

Please come to our Grand Opening Party


TAH Shop Grand Opening Party


Lord and Lady Nudge have agreed to cut the ribbon!  They’re going to arrive in the Bentley which will make our Grand Opening Party incredibly stylish.

Lord & Lady Nudge



I’m thrilled to bits!

Do come and join us amongst the greeting cards by pressing this link.

Sir Plym & Lady Egality are handing around glasses of Pimms and Lady Sebright has made some scrumptious- smelling brownies which she’s hidden from Colonel Pyncheon. As I type this, the Agent is getting the barbecue ready with his wing-man, the Chairman of the Village Hall. We are all having to manoeuvre around Brown Owl who has sat down right in the middle of all the to-ing and fro-ing with an instruction booklet – apparently she is trying to master the till.


Shop Header F TY


Yours, feeling like a fully signed-up member of the ” nation of shopkeepers “,

LLH signature



  1. How exciting!!!! I was happy to see you are running some of your work over to the printer for cards. You are so talented, you definitely should offer your artwork in a few forms!

    • How absolutely lovely of you to drop me off this dear comment – it’s really kind of you to be so encouraging and means a lot to me. Thank you! xx

  2. How exciting, Lady Liberty! Congrats!! Best of luck with the opening x

    • Thank you Kate! And best of luck with your exciting house move! Have you some exciting plans for the summer?

  3. Splendid news – but where is the fine design of LLH cycling energetically?

    • thank you Digby so much for being enthusiastic – the bicycle needs to be sent off to the printers again as none left! Will be in stock soon.

  4. How fantastic that you’ve opened a shop! Egads, how do you do it all? You are one amazing chick.

    • Shiree!!! Ha ha – that made me laugh! You’re the amazing one with all your intrepid travelling. Often think of that Stars & Stripes & Union Jack photo!

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