It’s a Wrap!

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wrapping up presents by the fire


Yours, with cheeks made rather pink by the fire,

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  1. Glad to hear your cheeks are nice and pink Lady hope you mean the ones on your face. 😉
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a most awesome New Year.
    Love, M Shambles X

    • Ha Ha dear Mummy Shambles! Thank you and here’s to a great year in 2016 for the Future of our Awesome Shambles Collaboration! Happy New Year! xxx

    • Thank you dear but I’m retiring Mrs Shambles in February – she’s off to float around the Bahamas on a lilo but there will be a new blog – one is having a proper header done and everyfink! 😉 All the best for 2016 xxx

    • Bahamas.. Lilo… proper Header – oh wow!!!! that sounds amazing! I’ve loved Mummy Shambles so much – please may I be your first new subscriber? Good for you & Best of Luck with everything 🙂

    • Of course! I’ll tag you on Twitter. Although you will be my second subscriber as I appear to have followed myself lol Will be about second week in February which will give me some time to catch up with my blog reading. 🙂 X

    • I’ll miss you but in the meantime…have a wonderful time in the sun:) #notjealousatall xxx

  2. Wishing all a Castle Coop a truly magical Christmas x

    • :)) How kind you are Izzie – thank you very much and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas too!

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