“I’ll eat my Hat!”

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“I’ll eat my Hat!”

(Fragmemt of statement made by the Agent in the presence of a witness, during the first week of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, 2014)


Today the Agent was lucky enough to be invited by kind Sir Plym to watch the tennis at Wimbledon!

Sir Plym had 2 tickets for:


A.Murray (GBR) [3] v.G.Dimitrov (BUL) [11]


Gosh the Agent was excited!
Sir Plym’s tickets were for simply fabulous seats – the Agent couldn’t believe it!
wimbledon ticket.jpg

A Beautiful Summer’s Day!

It was a simply beautiful day! The sun was shining to order and apparently,  as the two of them ate a delicious lunch in the Restaurant,all the plates and plates of strawberries and cream  together with the jugs full of Pimms, made it feel extra summery!
Huge photographs of Wimbledon Champions from yesteryear decorate the walls at Wimbledon. Sir Plym was sitting just to the right of a picture of Pistol Pete Sampras holding the Men’s trophy aloft and the Agent was next to one of Bjorn Borg, photographed in mid-swoop, with his wooden racket outstretched.
By the time they sat down ready to watch Murray roar into the Semis, I think they were feeling pretty chilled because the Agent sent me a text message.
All great here; fab seats and amazing view of court. Sun shining! xx’

Oh no…Murray lost:

Nothing went right for our No. 1 player. Sir Plym and the Agent could hardly bear to watch and hid their eyes with their Panamas.
Dimitrov beat Andy Murray in straight sets!

An ‘ex-hat’ that still exists:

Here is a picture of a hat:

The Agent's Hat.jpg

It belongs to the Agent; he inherited it from his father. The photograph is a weird colour because I have just taken it and there is an electric light on just above it as it is night-time. The hat has been hung up by the Agent, ready for the next time he wants to wear it… This picture is evidence that the hat still exists.

A week ago, I heard my partner in life declare;

“Andy Murray is playing so well, if he doesn’t win Wimbledon this year … I’ll eat my hat!”

Do you think the Agent should have eaten it?

Yours looking at an uneaten hat,
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  1. I saw Bjorn Borg beat Nastase in the 1976 final at Wimbledon – beautiful hot day. Hard to believe that that was nearly 40 years ago. (Saw McEnroe demolish Conners in straight sets in 1983 too, but that’s a story for another day.) Borg won that year without losing a set in the tournament. I recall Dan Maskell back then talking during the tournament about the terrific ferocity with which Jimmy Connors hit the ball and Borg’s immense topspin returns. I recall also Borg standing yards behind the baseline to return Tanner’s booming serve in 1979 in a match that I think he never led till the 5th set – saw that one on tv. The BBC had just introduced a new ground level camera which enabled them to show Tanner’s serve swerving around as it came over the net. (I am not sure what it says about me that I not only know without looking it up who Borg played in each of his six Wimbledon finals, but can also remember how many sets each one went to.) And will anyone ever match his astonishing 1978-1981 clay to grass feat of 4 French Open titles, 3 Wimbledon titles and a Wimbledon runner-up finish?

    So trivia question for all in his honour – who was the only person to beat Borg at the French Open?

    • Wow, that’s a pretty impressive feat of memory, Digby D! I’d forgotten how fast Roscoe Tanner’s serve was! Borg, McEnroe, Natase, Connors, Gerulaitis et al were just the best weren’t they? I saw McEnroe play last year at the Albert Hall and he was stonkingly fabulous – won the tournament.

      I didn’t know who beat Borg but have looked it up – the initials are A. P ! ( and now I remember all about him too!) – what fun this is, thinking about all those great players…
      Did you see Nastase’s ‘military’jacket the other day?

    • Vitas Gerulatis. I believe he was the individual who after finally beating Jimmy Connors came up with the line “Nobody beats Vitas Gerulatis 17 times in a row!” And of course who could forget Borg’s masterful lob in the 5th set of their epic struggle in the 1977 Wimbledon semi-final, which finally broke Gerulatis’s resistance?

    • Oh they were fab! I’m going to see if they’re on Youtube, right away!

  2. Correction to above since I can’t type accurately – saw McEnroe Connors in 1984.

    • I thought you were busy getting married in 1984. I suppose one may do both though…

  3. I knew even before perusing the comments that Digby would have something to say once I saw a reference to Borg. One wonders how someone can have such a complete recollection of decades old tennis match, but occasionally forgets his daughter’s age!

    Sounds like a lovely day for the agent! Quite the adventure indeed despite the poor result.

    • Dear Emilio, thank you for thinking of the Agent – yes, he and Sir Plym were able to wax lyrical about the lovely day they’d enjoyed despite the upsetting nature of the scoreboard!
      I am anxious about Digby’s unreliable memory. Perhaps he has been pulling his daughter’s leg? xxxLLH

    • Well one must keep one’s priorities straight although I have forgotten the occasions on which I forgot my daughter’s age! I gather from the English papers that apparently the Agent has an excuse for not consuming his hat with buttered toast as I understand that Murray had been emotionally distracted 5 minutes before the match! I await further revelations in the Telegraph.

    • Hot buttered hat sounds quite nice! You’re much more up to date than I am – I didn’t know about the emotional distraction. What happened? I’d better look at the Agent’s Evening Standard and catch up.

    • thank you; I’ll look at it and see whether or not The Agent’s hat stands much chance of surviving much longer!

  4. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!|

    • Hello Nancy, thank you & a big welcome to Castle Coop! Glad you like visiting 🙂

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