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The Agent, my dear partner in Life, has been behaving in a most peculiar fashion recently. I can’t think what has come over him. Every now and then I catch him giving me surreptitious odd looks and when we were at the supermarket this morning, he suggested I should stay in the car even though the shopping list was massive. I’m getting quite worried about him and feel guilty that I’ve been too busy to find out what’s wrong.


A busy week:

Since I returned from pedalling to Paris, I’ve been researching nutritious juices and smoothies. It’s been absolutely fascinating. There are several web-sites devoted to whizzed-up vegetables and their health benefits; from them and from books, I’ve gleaned all sorts of amazing facts about green juice, vegetables, vitamins and nutrients.

LLH reading abut nutrientsJust look at all this info!


Apparently broccoli has as much calcium as milk, lots of fibre and vitamin C  and is a nutrient powerhouse. Wow!

Source: Innocent smoothie recipe book,



Cucumbers are another powerhouse. They “re-hydrate , cleanse, tone and wash away toxins, strengthening hair & nails and are anti- inflammatory all at the same time”.  Multi-tasking!

Source: Carey Kingsbury who blogs  at .



“The health benefits of celery are more than just lowering blood pressure. They also contain at least eight families of anti-cancer compounds to combat cancer”.

Source: Sara Ding of ‘Juicing for Health’   Hurrah!


Ms. Kingsbury & Ms Ding are mines of information about juicing and nutrients.



“Spinach juice contains 3.1 mg of iron per 3.5 oz. serving, which is quite high for a non-animal-based food. Having healthy iron intake promotes blood health and prevents anemia. A 3.5 oz. serving of spinach juice offers 51 mg of phosphorus. This high amount of phosphorus is a particularly valuable spinach juice benefit because … phosphorus supports strong bones and teeth and promotes kidney health.” Magic!



Green juice recipe:

After thoroughly enjoying myself all week, experimenting with juicing different combinations of the above,

making green juice



I am delighted to report that, should you wish to try a recipe for green juice,

a large cupful of spinach

a very small piece of celery

2 green apples

a small bit of ginger root
small bunch of parsley
a few broccoli florets
1 cucumber

all juiced up together, make a delicious and extremely healthful drink.


magic green juice 1


Warning: IMO, adding too much celery just makes one long for a Bloody Mary.


Something is definitely wrong:

I do wish I knew what is the matter with The Agent but I shall try & find out over supper. Having drunk several glasses of green juice this week, I feel absolutely terrific & yet he’s just asked me if I think I could be at all bilious. What on earth has prompted that? I wonder if he’s worrying that he’s coming down with flu.

Perhaps I should book him an appointment to see the doctor just to be on the safe side.

green hen 2




















Yours wishing I knew what is wrong,

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  1. Surely the Agent is simply suffering from depression about not being able to participate in the Scottish referendum.

    • Gosh, I hadn’t thought of that..I’ll make him some porridge right away. Good thinking Digby!

  2. With salt of course, not sugar. I am sure this morning is very difficult for him.

    • I’ll remember to put salt rather than sugar in & dig out a tartan tablecloth. Hopefully that will pep him up.

  3. I do hope the Agent is feeling a bit more positive. Sometimes when they find their partners are involved in a blog, it can bring up mixed feelings not only of pride in the flourishing of creative forces, but also envy and exclusion. It may also have something to do with all the green drinks x

    • Dear Jo, thank you so much for all this wise counselling; I really am getting so worried about him.. he’s just suggested getting an electrician to put loads of lights around my bathroom mirror. Why on earth would I want to do that?

  4. Yum, yum, that juice looks delish! Trouble is, I would be tempted to add beetroot, and then it would go a very yucky brown (but taste great, by the way).

    • Dear Alice, I shall try beetroot immediately – thanks for your recommendation!

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