Going Green

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After my shaky start to 2020, I have resolved to tread the path of nutritional virtue.

All week I’ve been experimenting with green juice recipes. Should you wish to try a glass,

a large cupful of spinach

a very small piece of celery (N.B. IMO, adding too much celery just makes one long for a Bloody Mary.)

2 green apples

a small bit of ginger root
small bunch of parsley
a few broccoli florets
A small cucumber

make a very green drink when juiced up all together.

Something is wrong:

During the last couple of days, I’ve noticed the Agent giving me quite a few odd looks. He’s just asked me if I’m feeling bilious. Why would he say such a peculiar thing? Perhaps I should book him an appointment at the optician’s.

Yours, wishing I knew what is wrong…


  1. Surely the issue is that he wants you to make one for him too. Perhaps you should suggest the Ox and Moose add it to its offerings as he will perhaps feel more comfortable asking for one in those familiar surroundings.

    • Good idea! The Agent will be in the Ox & Moose tonight so I’ll suggest it.

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