#FridayFitness: The Toe-touch

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Castle Coop’s #FridayFitness Class: Exercise of the week:



Today’s #FridayFitness exercise is the Toe-touch


The toe-touch:

Gosh! Did you know that exercising to improve flexibility is just as important as doing cardio or strength exercises? And… according to our instructor who takes the #FridayFitness class in Castle Coop Village Hall, apparently toe-touches are the No. 1 whizz exercise at improving flexibility because they stretch your shoulders, back and leg muscles, & in particular, the hamstrings. Having never thought about it up to now, I realize I’d love to have flexible hamstrings – they sound so pleasantly springy to walk about on.

I’ve also just learnt that toe-touches are multi-tasking. They are the original BOGOF except you get 4 for one – what a bargain!  Just look at the bang you get for flexing your buck…

  • Better posture – no more walking around with a book on your head!
  • Less muscle tension and soreness – save money formerly spent spray-on pain relief!
  • Reduced risk of injury – hmmm… I’m keeping the jury out on that one as that’s what they told me about the squat …
  • More relaxation for the mind and body- Ah ha! What’s not to like if I can spend more time relaxing my mind & body – maybe while lying on the sofa?

Toe-touching methods:

Having researched the toe-touch carefully in order to be fully informed, I’ve decided that whether standing up or lying down on the sofa, correctly speaking there are only 2 proper ways to perform the toe-touch. Funnily enough,  exercise manuals & instructors only seem to cover Method 1 which personally I’ve always found unsatisfactory.

 Method 1. (not recommended):

Speaking from my own experience, the least rewarding way to perform the toe-touch is to do it in practice:

In practice, I have to confess there is a depressing amount of scope for improvement. My body appears to be built with too much surplus middle area for my waist to work as a decent fulcrum upon which to pivot. This tiny design flaw means my arms are simply too short to come anywhere near my toes & I am disappointed time after time.


The toe-touch (in practice)




Method 2. (recommended):

The most gratifying way to perform the toe-touch is to do it in theory:

In theory, I am a skilled practitioner of the toe-touch. In my imagination I am extremely flexible (and graceful) – a thoroughly lean, mean, flexi-machine. I think nothing of touching my toes whilst executing the splits and can remain in this position for as long as it takes to recite the alphabet backwards.

The toe-touch (in theory)


Yours possibly a tad inflexible in practice but bending like a reed in theory,

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If you would like to become a virtual member of our Castle Coop fitness classes, do sign up in the comment box below – we should all be delighted to welcome you.

So as you know what we are doing, so far we have practiced:

The Russian Twist

The Lunge

The Squat

The Press-up

Our class is held at 10.30am in the Village Hall – we all drink coffee together after the class and eat Brownies kindly cooked by Lady Sebright. They are delicious and immediately undo all the good work of our class.


  1. Personally I find the best way to address toe-touching is to combine it with a stationary cycle. Taking a pause with one’s foot at the top of the peddle rotation enables an easy, flexible downward move with the hand to touch firmly one’s toes. You may want to consider this approach.

    • A brilliant piece of lateral thinking – I shall try it immediately!

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