#Friday Fitness: the Swiss Ball

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 #Friday Fitness: the Swiss Ball

The Swiss Ball is a fantastic tool for working the abdominal and core muscles, even for beginners.

This exercise will mainly work the muscles of the lower abs and also hip flexor muscles, whilst upper-body strength will be required to hold the position. Beginners or persons with insufficient upper-body strength / rehab, may want to perform the exercise whilst resting on their forearms, using a large ball.

Mount the Swiss ball from a standing position, taking your arms over the ball onto the floor, whilst rolling over your abs, until your forefoot and shinbone are in contact with the ball, with your legs straight.

Advanced athletes may want to adopt a different leg position, this could be having one foot on the ball, whilst the other foot is raised in the air, or slightly harder, out to the side. 

swiss ball & cushions

Although nothing has been mentioned about cushions being a useful aid, I think this must be an oversight.

IMO a pile of cushions is a jolly good idea- they make this exercise a lot more do-able,

Yours trusting my abs have had an excellent work-out,

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