#Friday Fitness: The Lunge

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Today, our class in the village hall was concentrating on:

#Friday Fitness: The Lunge


Health and fitness experts all seem to agree that as an exercise The Lunge is worth its weight in gold.


The Lunge is an excellent lower body exercise, one of the few lower body exercises that will bring you to muscle failure and truly help you get your gluts, hamstrings and quads into shape quickly and effectively. The Lunge is also convenient since you can do it anywhere, anytime. Work this exercise into your training program for a mega-effective way to shape, tone and strengthen your lower body.


How to do the Perfect Lunge:

Source: The Chalkboard 
(with instructional illustrations by Liberty Hen)
Stand with your feet shoulder’s width apart, spine long and straight, shoulders back, gaze forward.
The Lunge Step 1
Step forward with one leg into a wide stance) about one leg’s distance between feet) while maintaining spine alignment.
The Lunge Step 2
Lower your hips until both knees are bent at approximately a 90 degree angle. Your front knee should not extend over your ankle, and your back knee should hover above the ground. Keep your weight in your heels as you push back up to starting position. Repeat on both sides.
The Lunge step 3
Now I understand why fitness experts tend to talk about ‘The Lunge’ in the singular tense…
The Lunge step 4
Don’t you think it would be a brilliant idea if all lunging instructions came with a government health warning (in capital letters)?
Yours trying to decide whether I should wait for The Agent to rescue me or just fall over,
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If you would like to become a virtual member of our Castle Coop fitness classes, do sign up in the comment box below – we should all be delighted to welcome you.

So as you know what we are doing, so far we have practised:

The Russian Twist

The Toe-touch

The Squat

The Press-up

Our class is held at 10.30am in the Village Hall – we all drink coffee together after the class and eat Brownies kindly cooked by Lady Sebright. They are delicious and immediately undo all the good work of our class.


  1. In the absence of a functioning pelvic floor…I find lunges too risky. 😉

    • Dear Mummyshambles, I totally agree with you. If ever I try one again, I shall certainly wear all sorts of safety equipment.

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