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Tonight, Lady E is coming round so we can have a lovely time putting the world – or Castle Coop at any rate – to rights while we drink coffee and play cards.

Doesn’t that sound a nice friendly evening to look forward to?







Yours while trying to find a pack of cards with 4 full suits,

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  1. All sounds delightfully civilized. Please give our best regards and welcome back to Lady E. Billy is currently deeply fretful as the deep snow is preventing him getting in his usual 250 miles a week on the bicycle. Emilio on the other hand is thrilled that the weather conditions make extended sojourns at the local coffee shop the most practical way of passing the time.

    • Oh yes, I will do. I’ve just got to phone her to tell her to wear lots of warm clothes as we are still sans boiler. Please tell Billy that I miss his coaching expertise – I went cycling at the weekend and was very slow indeed. My chain came off too. And please tell Emilio that, given your snow conditions, the extended sojourns sound an extremely wise idea. xxx

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