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Christmas pudding, cheese sauce and a corpse... : : The Awesome Hen

Christmas pudding, cheese sauce and a corpse…

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Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? I do so hope so.

We’ve shopped & shopped, wrapped up, cooked, eaten up, washed up, cleared up, unwrapped, jig-sawed, partied and sung carols to our hearts’ content. The agent & I both agreed that we’ve had a completely lovely time.

Here I am singing to our Christmas pudding for 2013

christmas pudding 1 cropped

There was a small kerfuffle when I was serving it out with the mince pies as unfortunately I’d filled jugs with cheese sauce instead of brandy cream by mistake. Luckily this mishap was spotted as soon as the agent took his first mouthful. Our family and friends were kind enough not to dwell on it. Colonel Pyncheon then gave us a fright when he mistook a marble from his cracker for a small chocolate bombe and tried to eat it.

On Boxing Day, we snuggled down on the sofa to watch ‘Death comes to Pemberley‘, a sequel to ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Poor Trevor Eve was forced by Mr. Darcy to ride ‘ventre à terre’ in the middle of the night to inspect a corpse and talk about blood. We enjoyed ourselves hugely by rubbishing the BBC’s interpretation of  Ms. P.D. James’ effort as the most frightful tosh – Elizabeth (née Bennet), despite being super-rich, seemed to have only one very ugly dress to wear. We ate chocolate from our stockings whilst we watched. How cosy & companionable it felt!

Tonight we are off to enjoy ourselves again at another party – hosted by Lady Sebright. What a whirl!

Yours, feeling thoroughly spoilt,

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  1. I have just been enjoying a large bowl of trifle from the Christmas leftovers. Please can you tell the agent that, recalling his interest in matters military, I have mailed him today some reminiscences of WW1 of a relative of mine that I thought he might be intrigued to hear.

    • I hope that the trifle was covered with cream rather than cheese sauce. The agent will be delighted to hear about the reminiscences as he is planning a trip to the battlefields for us in February.

    • My brother-in-law, Archie, who is also interested in WW1 was very pleased that his Christmas presents included both a book of WW1 photos (I think from the Imperial War Museum collection) and a book on the battle of the Somme.

      The trifle was deliciously covered in lashings of cream.

    • Archie’s presents sound remarkably similar to those given to the agent whose pile under the tree included a book of WW1 photos (I think from the IWM) and a copy of ‘Goodbye to All That’. Are they perhaps doppelgangers?

    • I don’t think Archie is quite as enthusiastic as the agent – while he did take a tour of the Somme last summer, which he found fascinating and from which he returned with the top of a shell as a memorial, I think he finds where he is quite cold enough in winter without having to resort to February battlefield visits.

    • oh no – am I going to have to pack my thermals?

  2. Look on the bright side – you can tell Billy it counts as a full training exercise for your poppy bicycle ride!

    • I looked up a suggested training program for London/Paris and it talked about 4-5 hours of hilly rides every weekend. I’m quailing.

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