Christmas Presents!




Yesterday I went on a Christmas present buying spree…

christmas shopping '14






















The shops are absolutely crammed with all sorts of simply gorgeous things at the moment and I think it was an extremely successful day… I hope so anyway. How is your shopping getting on?


It’s a wrap!

As it is so cold, the Agent has lit a fire and I’m ensconced right next to it, armed with sellotape, scissors & enough paper to wrap up Windsor Castle.

Wrapping up stocking presents!



Yours sitting in the middle of rather a muddle…

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  1. What a lovely warm feeling the present wrapping by the fire gives me. Take care not to scorch your feathers.

    • It’s lovely to have a fire when it’s so miserable outside & thank you for you kind concern! It’s the sellotape I have trouble with – can never find the end of it.

  2. I agree with Lady E. You could pair it with one of the Agent and Chairman wrapping presents at the Ox and Moose.

    • Wrapping presents at the O & M – what a totally brilliant thought! I’ll have a go…

  3. Would just love it if you could produce some postcards of your drawings. The one of you by the fire wrapping presents is just AWESOME.

    • Oh you are so great for my morale! Thank you for saying such lovely things!xxx

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