A Christmas Carol Service!

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A Christmas Carol Service!


If you had been in Castle Coop tonight, we would have loved it if you could have joined us all as we walked to the Christmas Carol Service down the little lantern-lit path which leads from The Street to St. Mary’s. The church bell was ringing and some tiny pinpricks of light bobbing about in the field meant that Sir Plym, Lady Egality and Sir Burford & Lady Brown, guided by their torches, were taking the shortcut. Reverend Rosecombe stood at the door to welcome us all into St. Mary’s and the Graf showed us all to our pews.

Christmas Carols Service 1



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(In the above picture, the snowman is ‘licentia poetica‘ as there isn’t a flake of snow in Castle Coop at the moment.)

St Mary’s is decorated ready for Christmas!

St. Mary’s looked so pretty, decorated with holly and red berries.

Church font

The rood screen was covered  with little fairy lights entwined through silver birch twigs and the ledges under the windows were glowing with tiny tea lights.


Christmas Church window

The stained glass window above the altar shows the Nativity Christmas scene

The window above the Altar























& every year during Christmas, a tree is placed just infront of the altar.

Christmas tree in St. Mary's





















If you look carefully, you can see several labels which Trev the Rev has tied onto its branches. They bear the names of those dear to us in Castle Coop, who are no longer with us.

Christmas tree labels






















It was lovely to be sitting in our own little church, singing all the old familiar carols.

Christmas is almost here! Hurrah!


Yours humming the descant to ‘Adeste Fideles’ (although the Agent – who is musical – says he doesn’t recognise it as such),

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  1. I assume the Agent will be leading off the first dance with you of course?

    • Ha ha – LOL!

  2. I would like to wish all the residents of Castle Coop a happy New Year with many thanks for all the enjoyments their activities during 2014, as recorded, and splendidly illustrated, by the indefatigable Lady Liberty, have provided me.

    • Dear Digby D, how very kind of you! I shall pass on your lovely New Year greetings tonight when we are all gathered for our New Year’s Eve Dance at the Village Hall! May we please all wish you a very Happy New Year too!

  3. The church looks simply lovely! I hope you were able to sing your favourite carols. Happy Christmas!

    • Hi Kate, Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to you too. I’ll think of you enjoying a Dutch Christmas; I bet it looks beautiful!

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