Choosing a New Year’s Resolution

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I’ve been trying to decide all day on what I should choose as my New Year’s Resolution.

There is an awful lot of scope so I’ve a dilemma.

Should I choose to resolve to…

Resolution 2

or to


or to

or maybe simply try to …


Making New Year’s Resolutions is such an exciting opportunity for self- improvement; I can’t wait to start being my new self! At this rate, by 2017, I shall be an all-round much better person.


How do you go about choosing a New Year’s Resolution? As one only gets this particular chance for personal development once a year, I like to lay out my options in visual displays so I can hopefully make the best possible choice.

ResolutionCollage framed 3


Resolutions indecision problems

Oh no!



I can’t possibly narrow this huge selection of choices down – there are just so many possibilities out there.



In fact, I’m feeling a little shocked now I can see the number of areas I need to work on to achieve any personality improvement at all; I’ll probably need months of professional help, guidance & counselling to make any significant progress. Clearly, it’s way too big a job for me to tackle on my own and therefore none of these options are any good as New Year’s Resolution. Bother, bother, bother.

In the meantime…


New Year Resolution for 2016



Yours, resolving to finish off all the remaining Christmas chocolate now as a preventative measure against falling off the wagon & eating it in the New Year,

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  1. Hee hee, this is brilliant! There are so many different New Year resolutions we could be doing, and yet we probably end up doing none of them. I’m on Day 6 of my new diet and I’ve already been naughty! (Nothing changes.) Oh, and I’ve had to buy another pair of jeans at a bigger size – so demoralising!

    • Dear Alice, that’s so comforting that I’m not the only one; I’ve got to go & buy some demoralising new jeans too tomorrow!

  2. Brilliant! There are far too many choices out there to pick from. Polishing off the Christmas chocolate most definitely counts as a start to the list. Happy New Year x

    • And a very Happy New Year to you too Izzie – hope the girls enjoyed their holiday back from uni 🙂

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