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Blowing in the wind... : : The Awesome Hen

Blowing in the wind…

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Blowing in the wind…

Bob Dylan was pretty lucky.

He only had to worry about doing a bit of singing and then raking in the royalties. We’ve had it much tougher; all sorts of things have been whirling about in the gales we’ve had recently – my wheelie bin for example – causing all sorts of bother and damage. ‘Blowing in the Wind’ has become our new Castle Coop Anthem. Unfortunately, as Mr. Zimmerman has already claimed the fortune that goes with that particular song, we will not benefit financially.

The weather has been incredible this year. I can’t believe that so much water can come out of the sky nor that so many winds can be keen to blow us all about so much. Our roads are not like those in poor Somerset where flooding is causing collapse, but the poppy bike is staying firmly in its shed for the time. I’m not going to risk having to become an amphibian.


Training despite the wind and flooding:

So as not to fall off the straight and narrow fitness training schedule – which is unimaginatively narrow as it doesn’t mention rain or what to do about gales,despite being intended for the UK market, I’ve been hula hooping very energetically. Yesterday, it occurred to me that if I hoop in one direction only, I might become dreadfully lop-sided. An uneven waistline -even if pinpoint (no chance alas)..-  is not quite the effect I’m after so now I’m taking care to whirl in a very well-balanced fashion and feel just like the Lady of Justice .

hula waist


A low profile:

Sir Plym and Lady Egality have gone away on holiday. The agent is still feeling ropey and sending hard stares in my direction which do not bode well for  a decent Valentine’s Day celebration involving roses and fizz.





In an attempt to lie low, I’ve been very quietly entertaining myself looking at youtube. Did you know that 30 years ago on Valentine’s Day, Torvil and Dean won their 9 perfect sixes at the Sarajevo Winter Olympics with their wildly romantic ice-dance to Ravel’s ‘Bolero’? It took them four minutes and 28 seconds to become legends! It’s almost impossible not to do armchair- swooping if you watch them skate. Try it and see!



Yours swoopily,

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  1. I imagine ya’lls weather does throw the training for a loop! My husband is training for a marathon which I think is a horrible thing to do in the winter. Yes, be sure you hula in both directions 😉 Torvil and Dean seems like yesterday.

    • Training for a marathon! Please tell your husband that he is awesome!

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