Back to Every-day Life…*sigh*

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I hope you will be glad to hear that even though 2016 has only just started, already virtuous industry has been reigning supreme in our little house in Castle Coop.


Today I’ve washed the sheets after the last of the Christmas hordes returned to London this morning

chasing a pillowcase inside the duvet cover


&  the Agent has  cleaned some silver (what???? ) on the Business section of the Sunday paper.

silver cleaning

Unfortunately this unusual burst of housewifely hustle & bustle has nothing to do with New Year Resolutions; it’s merely a displacement activity. We set out in cold blood to avoid taking down the Christmas decorations as we both want to look at them for just a bit longer,


Yours having taken an executive decision that ironing the sheets would be taking the pursuit of virtuous industry way too far,

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  1. My dear, so sad to see the last of the chicklets departing. We here in the colonies were so pleased to receive a communication from chick min? informing us of the Castle Coop flood. Quelle horreur, quoi faire? We are being brave and will continue with the second Test tomorrow. Michael Parkinson passed us in the restaurant this evening, now he’s a great England fan. Xxxx

    • Chick Min beat me & Mrs. Chick Min in a quiz last night set by Chick Mi.- he overtook us in the Sports round. If you see Mr. Parkinson again, please tell him he has a big fan club in Castle Coop. Lady Lohmann-Brown is worried that she might get flooded out again lots and lots of love to you & Sir Plym xxxx.

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