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A Police Chase in Castle Coop! : : The Awesome Hen

A Police Chase in Castle Coop!

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A Police Chase in Castle Coop!

Yes – it’s true! We’ve all  been in a thriller all afternoon with a real, live police chase! There’s been a Baddie in Castle Coop!  Lots of policemen chased him in their cars with sirens blasting and tyres squealing. There was a road block and a police helicopter swooping about above us. Can you believe it!!


A Road Block:

This afternoon I cycled smack into a police road block  on my return to Castle Coop at the end of a training bike ride. Inside the squad car was a policeman but it wasn’t our own PC Ixworth. He was sitting at the wheel listening to his walkie-talkie while another policeman leant on the car bonnet taking notes as he talked to Dave, our postman who was waving his arms about.

On whizzing down the road past Lady Egality’s house, I saw another squad car parked up at the Village Hall and then yet another one came up from the opposite direction with its siren on full blast!


The Ox and Moose becomes our information HQ:

Once back home, I found a note in the kitchen from the Agent saying that he’d nipped to the Ox and Moose to find out what was going on. I rushed round immediately and found almost everyone there trying to keep PC Ixworth calm.

Pc I calming 3.jpg

The Baddie:

We were all desperate for PC Ixworth to tell us what was going on. Apparently,  a robber had stolen a Mercedes earlier today and had driven it at full throttle down the motorway in a vain attempt to shake off the police who were chasing him like mad and were hot on his tail. Then he came off at our junction and drove the wrong way round the roundabout and then the wrong way down the dual carriage-way!

By the time the Baddie reached Castle Coop, PC Ixworth said he was driving at 110 mph!!! The police decided to stop chasing him as it was so dangerous and  radioed to the police helicopter to take over from the skies! As the stolen Mercedes sped out of the village past Lady Sebright’s house towards Upper Coop, the police in the helicopter were able to see exactly where it was going. The next thing that happened was the Baddie did a dodge into Coop Farm and suddenly crashed into an (empty) barn.


On the run!

By the time the squad cars arrived at the farm barn, the Baddie had fled the scene and scarpered into the woods to hide. Now, he’s on the run!


Has anything like this ever happened where you live?


Yours, feeling as if we’re all extras on the set of Hawaii Five O,

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  1. All sounds very exciting. Are Mercedes’ common in Castle Coop?

    • It was exciting! & no, Mercedes are deemed exotic.. Lord and Lady Nudge drive a golf cart.

  2. Yes, yes, but why is there all this irrelevant information in this? What we want to know is how many miles was your training ride, was this your third or fourth training session of the day, what is the average speed you are maintaining, are your shoes properly broken in now, were you coming back from a short two hour session or was it a proper four hour ride and are you maintaining a steady program of 300 deep squats first thing in the morning and last thing at night? Billy

    • Dear Billy,
      oh dear… it was a 2 hour (well, 1 1/2 actually) training ride but I thought I did it quite well – I didn’t fall off anyway. There is an absolutely killer hill on the route – although I have to get off and walk up it. I am doing lots of deep squats and some gardening. Does that count, do you think?
      Anyway, you haven’t been sending me any training schedules. What kind of mentor are you?

  3. How exciting. Perhaps I should check my greenhouse and log shed for unlawful overnighters. My puppy is nowhere near up to being a guard dog yet, she’s likely to find him and lick him all over.

    Poor PC Ixworth, thank goodness the Ox and Moose was able to calm him down and thank goodness you were at the scene to report my dear brave Lady Liberty. I hope you are unruffled this morning and haven’t suffered dreadful nightmares. Sir Plym and I welcome you for calming tea should you wish it.

    • Shadow will be a completely brilliant guard dog when she grows up. Yes, PC Ixworth was in a terrible state and drank ever so many cups of tea. I would love some calming tea too – the baddie is still on the run as far as I know. Have you heard anything today?xxx

  4. I think perhaps it’s time to put all the investigative lessons you’ve learned during the Foyle’s War Club and take up the case!

    • Dear Emilio – thank you for emailing all the way from Oman! And what a brainwave -DCS Foyle needs to forget about Hastings, we need him here in Castle Coop!
      How is Oman?I hope it’s really interesting.xx

    • So far, it is quite interesting, albeit quite overwhelming. It is insanely hot, but I’m hoping to acclimate soon!

    • How exciting it sounds. btw, DCS Foyle hasn’t arrived on the scene yet..

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