A Curve Ball from Brown Owl:

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A Curve Ball from Brown Owl:



I knew it… I knew it… I knew it.. Brown Owl has sent us all a curve ball.

She has muscled in on the Open Gardens and said we’ve all got to get cracking and virtually kill ourselves sprucing up the Village Hall.  To think I was worried she was just going to give me a lecture!

I must say , she doesn’t believe in any wasting time. Today, we’ve all received a call to arms from her. Apparently, as Lady Nudge is going to be presiding at a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Village Hall on Saturday & will officially declare the Castle Coop Open Gardens,  ‘open’, we must all set about mowing, pruning, weeding, painting, varnishing, sweeping, dusting, polishing and every other cleaning verb in the dictionary that can be thought of.


Brown Owl’s Call to Arms:

What would you think if this missive arrived through your letter box?

Castle Coop SOS

Obeying instructions, I opened Brown Owl’s flyer and was greeted by yet more instructions:



#CastleCoop #LordandLadyNudge #LadyEftieNudge  #ettiquette #villagehall #prideinoursurroundings


I’m sure we all agree that the Village Hall needs smartening up before Saturday’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. As Lady Nudge has graciously agreed to do the honours, we must all jump to and make sure that everything is spic and span for her and also for Lord Eftie.

To save everyone’s time, I have drawn up a schedule. Please be punctual. WE ALL HAVE TO PULL TOGETHER!!!!!

1. Everyone: arrive at Village Hall 04/06/15 at 18.00 hours, dressed in appropriate clothing.

2. Chairman and Sir Plym: sand down fence posts.

3. Lady Lohmann-Brown: ensure that the yellow rose to side of V.H. window is securely tied.

4. Colonel Pyncheon and the Agent: mow all grass and remove clippings.

5. Lady Egality: check flag for creases – iron if necessary

6. Lady Sebright: wash pillar box with sugar soap

7. Sir Burford Brown: scrub down wooden bench and ensure there are no splintery bits – Lady Nudge might wish to sit down.

8. Lady Liberty: sweep VH steps, driveway and path and remove dustpiles carefully.

9. Lady Burford Brown: polish the VH notice board.

10. The Graf:  paint fence posts black paint once sanded down.

11. Brown Owl: rehearse Brownies re presentation of flower bouquet to Lady Nudge

11. N.B. Reverend Rosecombe: has transport been arranged for the aisle carpet to be brought from St. Mary’s to the V.H.? Have we a photographer organised for local press coverage of ribbon-cutting ceremony? Have arrangements been made should Lady Nudge wish for a comfort stop? Tea/coffee/fresh milk/biscuits arrangements for Saturday -are these in place?


Lady Egality has just phoned and says that she and Sir Plym are absolutely spitting about being arbitrarily organised without any warning – they were planning on mowing their own lawn tonight. However, having thought about it all, I am quite relieved.

If we’re all to be working our heads off at the Village Hall this evening, I’m going to draw a line under our garden and just say (truthfully) that I won’t have time to make it tidy enough to enter in the Open Gardens. We can look after  the Brownies if they want to swim while everyone’s  going round all the gardens that are tidy…


Yours idly wondering how Brown Owl would cope if a bossy Girl Guide Troop Leader should ever move into Castle Coop,

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