A brown paper parcel arrives!

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A brown paper parcel arrives!


This morning Dave the postman delivered a brown paper parcel.



On tearing off the wrapping, I discovered some ankle weights which I’d ordered from Amazon in an effort to use method to improve my fitness levels.  I was so excited they’d arrived safely!

ankle weights in packaging


As you can see, the model wearing the weights in the picture seems to be walking about quite normally. She does not appear to be in pain.

Apparently, the ankle weights can be worn while striding purposefully through one’s daily tasks as well as while doing strength training and cardio exercises.

ankle weights pink side up on black mat


Don’t you think they are a particularly cheerful shade of pink? They are certainly very neatly finished off.


The label on the box suggests wearing them for just 8 minutes three times each week should make a difference to overall fitness levels. And, they are ‘comfort fit’ with a contoured design! They will “burn extra calories while aerobic conditioning and at the same time, tone hips, thighs and calves”. Multi-tasking!

What a great idea!  Clearly ankle weights are the ideal way to do exercise without any inconvenience or trouble as far as I can see. Hurrah!

All in all, I gather that they’ll be most efficacious  and at the same time will also make me feel pleasantly virtuous, whisking about the village taking all this extra exercise.

That was this morning….

 A small snag:

This afternoon I tried them on..and hit a small snag.

Striding  purposefully through one’s daily tasks? Strength training? Cardio workout?  LOL.

I couldn’t even stand up.


LLH tries to pump iron 2



Perhaps I can wear them in bed?

Yours while pinned to the floor,

LLH signature


  1. haha you had nearly convinced me to get some!

    • Dear Tattooed_Mummy, please don’t buy any – you are so, so welcome to have mine (worn once)!

  2. Haha, I agree with above, I was wondering how I’d missed such a marvel. Thanks for enlightening us before it was too late. : )

    • Dear UnCheshire wife, you’re very welcome; I’m afraid I’ve had to write them off as one of my failures! Onto the next exciting sounding idea…

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