Our 10 Great Christmas Traditions:

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Our 10 Great Christmas Traditions:

Christmases in Castle Coop are extremely traditional. Every year the Agent & I celebrate Christmas in exactly the same way.


Our traditional Christmas always involves:

#1. Hunting out the Christmas Decorations by torch-light from the new ‘safe’ place in the attic I find in January and then forget all about during the ensuing year. In the circumstances, the Agent’s sighs are understandable.

#2. Hanging up the baubles while listening to ‘Winter Wonderland‘. (The Agent always puts on ‘Once in Royal David’s City‘ but I fast-forward the ipod as soon as he’s out of the room & put WW on a loop as I like dancing about while I decorate.)

The Christmas drawing room

#3. Decorating the Agent’s tree which he chooses with great care, from the Christmas Tree farm nearby:

Decorating the Christmas tree in a Christmas hat!



#4. Wrapping up the presents by a fire which the Agent lights for me in the drawing-room, after he’s spent all day on the telephone trying to contact British Gas because the boiler has broken down:

wrapping up presents by the fire



#5.  Untangling the exterior lights for the front of the house (Dutch courage is often required for this task) & then draping the string of bulbs over the wisteria with artistic abandon (an inevitable side effect of all the Dutch courage tots imbibed by both the Agent & me):

Exterior Christmas lights


#6. Helping to clean & decorate St. Mary’s under the leadership of Trev the Rev & Brown Owl so that it looks simply beautiful for the Carol Service on Christmas Eve:

Cleaning away Christmas cobwebs

Declaring war on the cobwebs in St. Mary’s.


Christmas tree in St. Mary's



Christmas Carol Service


#7. Over-Eating & Over-Drinking with our dear friends & neighbours to ensure Christmas is properly celebrated by all Castle- Coopians:

Christmas Party at the Ox and Moose

keep calm & eat mincepies
christmas mincepies


#8. Suffering the traditional medical emergency brought on by being totally spoilt (again) by the Agent:

Christmas faint


#9. Being felled anew, immediately after coming round,  by seeing all the gorgeous Christmas parcels containing candles, scarves, placemats, lavendery lotions & potions, munchies, a coat, a puzzle and a book, given to me by my lovely, kind nearest & dearest!

faint #2


& finally… Christmas Tradition number 10: Making time to catch up with important global affairs while curled up in front of the fire:


The traditional Christmas snooze


Yours hoping you’ve had a thoroughly festive time full of  your own Great Christmas Traditions,

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  1. It sounds like a marvellous Christmas, Lady Liberty! I wish you and the Agent all the best for the new year! xx

    • Dear Kate, I hope you had a wonderful festive time too and a very Happy New Year to you – don’t forget to let me send you some shortbread if ever your supplies run short! xx

  2. I am glad to see all the full Coop traditions were lovingly maintained this year. We followed our practice of the Messiah (Elizabeth Harwood/Janet Baker version) as accompaniment for dressing the tree as well as rushing in at 9.00 a.m. to listen to the King’s Carol Service. Christmas entertainment was provided by a complicated game for stocking presents introduced by Emilio. The 95 year old matriarch of the clan was present for the festivities. In response to the question of “Which reindeer would you choose to be” she replied firmly “I would prefer not to be on the roof”. Boxing Day relaxation was provided by shovelling driveways. All in all, a fully successful celebration.
    With best wishes to you, the Agents and all the chicks for 2016.

    • Your festivities sound lovely & I’m very impressed by the snow shovelling – I think the matriarch’s anti-roof preference is quite understandable although I have a weakness for rooftop views & loved being on top of The Monument in London from which I could see most of London. All the very best to you, Mrs Digby D and to my cycling coaches/coffee partners for 2016, xxx

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